Straight Skirt: 7 Ways to Make it Fashion

Straight Skirt

Don’t we just love summer and wearing straight skirts and high-waisted shorts? Letting our legs out in the sun is definitely one of the best things to do in summer. Time to get rid of our leg prisons and drop the pants in favor of something breezier in the hot season!

This summer, it’s all about pencil skirts. Do you have one? If, not, it might be time for you to shop for your clothes online and fill your closet with these goodies. Still, the skirt doesn’t do the outfit alone. Margaret M would like to offer you 7 judicious pieces of advice on how to wear a straight skirt to make it fashion.

1. Combo Straight Skirt and Blouse: Forever a Winner

Is there anything sexier than a woman wearing a pencil skirt and a feminine blouse? Probably not and that’s why we suggest you combine your straight skirt with a blouse for a maximum of femininity. Add some delicate earrings or a simple gold chain to your outfit and you’ll have heads turning around in no time!

2. Color Block? Color Bold!

What’s great with straight skirts is that you can do color blocks. We’re not talking black and white, even though this is a pretty classic combination. We’re talking bold colors like pink and gray, red and marine, green and yellow! This summer’s trend is all about wearing bright colors, so why not buy yourself a flashy pencil skirt for summer? Mix it up with an equally bright shirt for maximum boldness!

3. Just a T-Shirt? More Than Enough!

Combining a simple t-shirt with a straight skirt is more than enough for your look. Tuck it in to get a better tummy tuck and define your curves even more! While it might not be ideal to bring this outfit to work, it’s most definitely an amazing choice for any casual setting. Don’t be afraid to wear this with the girls at brunch or to a date, this effortlessly chic look is perfect for these occasions.

4. Prints Are In!

You know what else is great about this summer’s trends? Not only are bright colors trendy, but prints are also in! Wear your prints proudly on your skirt and match with a solid color top and a blouse and you’ll have the perfect outfit for the office.

5. Leather and Wool

This season’s just full of surprises, isn’t it? If you do not own a leather skirt, it’s time to consider adding one to your wardrobe. Combine a straight leather skirt with a woolly turtleneck for the freshest days and you’ll have a chic, classic outfit for the office or your evenings out.

6.  Turtleneck and High Neck Lines

Choose a high-waisted pencil skirt and mix it with a gorgeous turtleneck! For maximum impact, tuck your shirt in and add a wide belt around your waist if possible. This will elongate your silhouette while being just as bold as classy! Perfect for that big meeting you need to attend, or simply for your everyday office wear.

7. Ever Heard of a Peplum Top?

If blouses aren’t your type, have you considered a peplum top or an overskirt? Peplum tops are super trendy this season and definitely one of the best ways to wear a straight skirt. Adding a belt around your waist is perfect to define your hips and give you an hourglass shape. Glamorous and chic, you can wear this outfit in both a professional and chic setting.

And you, how are you wearing your straight skirt this season?