Plus size summer must have for women

Who dared to say that female beauty did not go beyond 44? Voluptuous woman, your curves inspire poets and turn heads. With the arrival of sunny days, the atmosphere is light and invites to relax. Barbeque evenings, swimming pool, hikes. Everything invites you to leave your home and dress lightly. 

With these few plus sizes must-have for summer, you will be the mermaid of the beaches, the diva of open-air evenings, the queen of the podiums. Doubtful? Take a look at this list of articles made for curvy women.

1) The slimming pants

It's summer, it's hot and no doubt that the desire to escape will become part of your daily life. On such occasions, what better ally than pants to combine comfort and elegance?

Afraid that it does not suit your plus size body shapes, for sure, you have never heard of slimming pants.

Slimming pants: essential pants for curvy women

Often shunned by the round, the pants can, however, flatter the voluptuous silhouettes if it is well chosen. Too wide, it adds volume and gives a "bag" effect. Too tight, it highlights bulges, stretch marks, and other disgraces.

Fortunately, the fashion industry has heard complaints of curvy women and created the slimming pants. How to describe it in a few words? It is a must-have for curvy women: it sheathes the silhouette, refines it, and offers unparalleled comfort.

More than just clothing, slimming pants are a real Ali Baba cave. In the eyes of many gorgeous women, Margaret M slimming pants is the benchmark for kind.

Why? This collection specially created for women with shapes has undeniable advantages:

  • Its versatility allows it to be suitable for outings with friends as well as for more formal occasions;
  • The fineness of its materials makes the slimming pant comfortable to wear in all circumstances;
  • It adapts to all body shapes.

With an abdominal fold, designed in an elastic material, the Margaret M slimming pants will follow you in all your adventures. We only live once. Don't let a bad choice of pants ruin your summer!

2) The shorts

Immediately silence the bad voices who say that a curvy woman should not wear shorts! With the legs you have, not showing them would be a crime of lese-majesty.

Yes, curvy girls can wear shorts. And if they are well-chosen, they wake up the fatal women who sleep in each of them.

What shorts to wear when you have curves?

Do not overdo it. Even if your self-confidence is at its peak, the micro shorts are not really appropriate. Do not flog yourself. This type of shorts goes to almost nobody and tends to be vulgar.

Be careful not to go too much in the other direction. It is not because you are a generous woman that you should choose too loose shorts. Let it be clear: plus size women and loose clothing don't go together.

At this point, you must be asking yourself a crucial question: what shorts do you wear when you are curvy? Margaret M has found the answer to this question for a very long time.

In its collection of special round women's shorts, you will find panties made to enhance your voluptuous curves. Their secret? A high waist that allows you to shape your belly and a length designed to make your figure slimmer.

Floral, plain or artistic, the shorts by Margaret M adapt to your needs like no other.

Do you want to take advantage of the summer to show off your legs? To sunbathe your legs after the persistence of winter? Do not think twice: you need shorts and especially Margaret M shorts.

Why trust Margaret M?

A Canadian brand, Margaret M places the modern woman at the center of her concerns. In the 21st century, being a woman has never been so difficult. Between comfort and elegance, young ladies are often required to make a choice.

Margaret M doesn't hear it that way. Its creed: "Women today have the right to feel good, to look beautiful with ease and without giving up on their style".

For some, these are just words. For Margaret M, it's a life's mission that deserves to be accomplished. More motivated than ever, the brand strives to create pieces so comfortable that they will become must-have for all curvy women.

In charge of the design and production of her items, Margaret M does not skimp on the quality of her clothes. From slimming pants with unique designs to all-terrain shorts, Margaret M gives confidence to women who had lost the taste for fashion.

Just because you wear more than size 40 does not mean that you have to dress out of spite. Every human being has the right to feel good about himself and his clothes. And the fact that you wear 46, 48 or 52 does not change that.

Why let a number determine your state of mind? With Margaret M, curvy women (finally) have a wardrobe that pleases them.