Our selection of perfect work pants

perfect work pants


Being a working woman that has confidence, ambition and the perfect work pants is almost a work of fiction.

The confidence and ambition part is easy, but finding that great pair of pants is the tricky part.

Here are four types of work pants for any work-related events so that you can feel and look your best!

1. Wide leg pants

Strongly influenced by the ’70s era, wide-leg pants have come back into style numerous times already to be the perfect work pants.

While many may be skeptical of the flared bottoms, these pants bring a beautiful and unique look to any outfit while adding a vintage edge.

Giving off a very boohoo feeling, wide-leg pants are often said to be the most casual work pants. They have recently made a comeback into the workplace aesthetic by offering a wide range of motion.

Pair them with a silk blouse or any beautiful button-down and a pair of good boots for a great work outfit that will surely allow you to win the best-dressed award at your next holiday work party.

2. Straight leg pants

Perhaps the most classic work pants are a pair of straight-leg pants. Designed for the everyday office outfit, this staple design offers a great fit for all body types.

It can be paired with either a t-shirt and a jacket for an effortlessly chic look. Another option is pairing them with a matching blazer. Either way, it is undeniably the perfect work pants.

Made to be dressed up or dressed down, a good pair of straight-leg pants will be appropriate at any work event.

Plus, the Canadian brand Margaret M offers a variety of slimming straight-leg pants with a relaxed fit. They are determined specifically to become your next perfect work!

3. A colourful pair of pants

Who said office wear had to be boring? The perfect pair of work pants can be bright and colourful! !

Putting on a work outfit often means wearing all black and dressing up in very plain clothes. Margaret M is here to change that belief.

With numerous fresh and colourful designs, your perfect work pants are only a click away. Plus, many colours are said to switch the mood. Wearing blue, for example, is said to have a calming effect and to be the colour of the intellect.

4. Printed pants

From old classics to innovative designs, printed pants are definitely in style for the office! Switch it up with a pair that has patterns for perfect work pants.

Show your confidence and creativity by trying out patterns at the office. Made in Canada, Margaret M is all about positivity and radiance and wants to bring patterned pants to a more business setting.

Put your best self forward with ease and without compromise style by adding pants with patterns to your wardrobe.

Margaret M is here to make you feel your best

The perfect work pants are hard to find, but Margaret M is fine-tuned to women’s needs and delivers a line of clothes that is versatile, easy to wear and compliments women’s figures.

Whether it be a cut, a pattern or a colour, you’ll surely find a great pair of office pants with them and will dress for success.