Let's talk about print!



Whether you’re a staunch minimalist or pattern-obsessed, every wardrobe has space for a few key patterned pieces like printed pants and skirts. The key to falling in love with printed clothing is knowing how to create outfits that feel like “you” – no matter your relationship with patterns and colours.

This quick guide to discovering your print personality will cover basics like how to style printed pants and how to use touches of patterned clothing to light up your look.

Creating balance with printed pants

Printed pants are a serious power look. In the summertime, it’s florals and gingham abound, while cooler weather ushers in more serious looks like pinstripes and plaids.

No matter what type of printed pant catches your eye, the easiest way to create balance within an outfit is to wear a neutral item on top. That could mean a solid-colour linen shirt in the summer, a long-sleeve blouse for the fall, or any number of neutrals you’ve got in your closet right now.

If you’re more of a maximalist, remember: solid colours are far from boring if you incorporate textures. Let’s say you’re building an outfit with a pair of floral printed pants, and want to double down on visual interest. You can incorporate a blouse with pleats or a unique collar, a sweater with a cable knit motif, a t-shirt with ruffle or bell sleeves… get creative!

Make a style statement with printed accessories

Going bold with patterns and motifs can also happen on a smaller scale. If you prefer to keep your outfits simple (or you’re simply in the mood for a more minimal ensemble!), a single patterned accessory can add tons of personality.

Neck scarves, headbands, belts, shoes, purses – it only takes a small pop of print to add incredible dimension to an outfit.

Trend watch: printed skirts

Midi and knee-length skirts are making a major comeback as a fashion must, specifically in slinky fabrics like silk (or faux silk), both in solid colours and dainty prints. Jump on the trend with a printed skirt of your own – even if you’re more of a pants or jeans person, you’d be surprised at how easy they are to style for casual wear.

You can turn any printed skirt into an everyday item by pairing it with a casual t-shirt in the summer, or a lightweight sweater and denim jacket in the fall, plus a sleek running shoe or bootie. Don’t let their reputation fool you into thinking they’re too fancy, or out of bounds for a more casual wardrobe!

If you’re new to prints, start small

Looking to incorporate some exciting motifs into your wardrobe? If you’re not used to wearing patterns, you don’t need to reach for a bold floral or colourful geo pattern right away. Start with a classic that uses an easy colour scheme, like a navy plaid or small white dots on a black background. Then, work your way up to more elaborate styles at your own pace!