How to wear the high waisted short with style

High-Waisted shorts

This is the season to be happy about wearing high-waisted shorts! Winter’s been long and it’s been a while since our legs had a chance to catch some sun but there are still a few things to remember for the times we decide to put on high-waisted shorts. Sure, they are an amazing choice for summer but Margaret M would still like to give you a few fashion tips about how to wear them with style.

Ready? It’s time to learn all there is to know about high waisted short fashion.

Choose How High They Go According to Your Torso Length

You might be thinking that all pairs of high-waisted shorts are the same, but they are not. Generally speaking, high-waisted shorts stop at belly button level at the highest, but there are some pairs on the Internet that goes beyond that with added button-down style. No lie, they look great, but depending on your body shape, they might not be the perfect fit for you.

Forget about your BMI or training 2 or 3 times a week to fit in high-waisted shorts as they are perfect for all body shapes. You only need to think about the length of your torso.

For example, if your torso is on the smaller side, Margaret M would recommend choosing a pair that goes higher than the hip bones, but nowhere near as high as the thinnest part of your waist, as it may give the impression that you are disproportional. This is all in theory, of course, and you may feel free to play around with your look, but as a rule of thumb, you should still choose your shorts according to your torso length.

Let’s Be Reasonable

High-waisted shorts are highly fashionable and we just love to show some leg's skin but be cautious! Some of these shorts are so short (pun intended) they might show more than you wish for. In general, if your bottom or your pockets are showing, it means that you need to find a longer short.

A good trick to remember how to figure out if shorts are going to be a good fit for you is the fingertip tricks. Once your arms are resting loosely at your sides, your shorts should reach as long as your fingertips. If it doesn’t reach them, you might have to reconsider that pair of short because each movement you’ll do will get them to go higher on your legs. While it might make your legs look longer, we’re not convinced you want the world to see what your buttocks look like!

Be bold!

High-waisted shorts are incredibly versatile. You could wear them with a tank top, a t-shirt, a blouse or even a crop top if you can afford it. Do not be afraid to mix and match them with various tops as they might just surprise you with how well they match. In the past, they were ultra-popular for women at the beach who wore nothing more than their shorts and their bikini top. So why not? Try to be bold with it and see how this style does it for you!

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