How to Pick Slimming Pants?

If you are new to the world of slimming pants, finding the right pair that fits your body type can be a difficult decision to make. There are so many styles, cuts and trends to choose from. This season, we want to help you shop better, which is why we have put together a style guide on how to pick slimming pants. As the style experts, we can recommend you the best fit for your body type. Let's get started! 

Ms. Long legs

Be it men or women, being taller can be both a blessing and a curse, especially when it comes to fashion. Shop for classic slimming pants that have wider legs and low waist. Cropped style pants help accentuate your long legs and showcase your key feature. It's best to stay away from cigarette shaped silhouettes. 

Ms. Shorty pants

Short legs have more options to choose from. A straight leg and a slight boot cut are a great pick for women with short legs. The flow of your body without any interruption and makes you look taller. Avoid purchasing Capri styles and busy details, they make you look shorter.

Ms. Curvy 

If you are looking to hide your curves and thick waistline, we recommend you pick slimming pants that start below your bellybutton. The higher waistline will show your waistline and lower will make it look unflattering. Stay away from wide-leg pant with cuffs, it may make your waistline look more noticeable. 

Ms. Petite

Women with petite frames should look for low-rise, boot-cut slimming pants. Low-rise gives your body a much-deserved proportion and boot cut adds curves. You are free to play with textures and patterns. Stay away from cigarette pants, flared bottoms, and any other lean shapes. 

Stylecaster has put together a bunch of style tips that can help you look fit and best for every occasion. Click here to enjoy the read. 

Types of pants

  • Straight-leg pants: With so many options to choose from, straight-leg pants are a good choice for any body type. They are different from your typical skinny leg pants; straight leg gives a uniform width. If your concern areas are wide hips and heavy thighs, this pant selection will do the magic for you. 
  • Boot cut pants: These cut on slimming pants are a traditional fit similar to that of straight-leg pants. Boot cut pants will make you look longer, leaner and compliment your curves. 
  • Skinny pants: These pants are not for everybody type like the prior two. They are a perfect choice for women with a svelte figure. 
  • Cropped pants: Every fashionista wants to own their favorite pair of cropped pants, especially during the summers. For petite body types, they can visually cut your length and for taller women, they may look as though you have outgrown your pants. But, there are cropped slimming pants that fit all the body type, all you need to do is find the one with the right length. 

We understand that versatility, trend, and quality are three guiding principles while selecting the right pair of slimming pants. Margaret M being the fashion experts have designed these slimming pants to ensure utmost comfort without compromising on your style.