6 stunning high waisted shorts patterns for this summer

With warmer days ahead, finding trendy pairs of shorts is a must! Here are 6 stunning high waisted shorts patterns for this summer.

Ideal for every body type, these high waisted shorts patterns will add a pop of creativity and cool to all your summer outfits.

1. Plaid

Plaid is one of those classic patterns that can be revamped in many different ways. While it is often associated with chic and professional looks, plaid is also very trendy and never goes out of style.

Plaid high waisted shorts often have a vintage feel to them and complement sunglasses extremely well, giving off a 50s pin-up vibe!

2. Floral

Floral is one of those patterns that many people love to hate, calling it déjà vu and sometimes even boring.

While this may be true for some designs, many brands are making sure their floral patterns are new and innovative. Margaret M, for example, makes sure their floral patterned shorts are trendy and flattering.

Plus, summer is a time for colour and energy, and what says it better than florals!

3. Linen

While not technically a pattern, linen is a great material that brings texture to the forefront of an outfit.

The subtle look of linen is a great high waisted shorts pattern, since the material does not cling to the body. Linen flows very naturally, allowing for an effortlessly chic look.

4. Lace

Lace was a big part of fashion a few years ago but, for some, it has since faded away in our memory as a remnant of the 2000s era.

Rest assured, your favourite material is coming back into fashion by being added subtly to garments. Whether it’s in small accents or as draped fabric, lace is making a comeback!

5. Paisley

Paisley is truly one of the most unique, complex and beautiful patterns. Mixing Persian and Indian elements, it actually comes from the town of Paisley in West Scotland.

This elegant, refined and flamboyant pattern symbolizes the tree of life and is historically associated with the hippie fashion of the 1960s and 1970s.

The classic bohemian pattern has been having a strong resurgence in recent years, thanks to big designer houses such a Saint Laurent, Burberry and Gucci.

6. Tropical

Many have a love-hate relationship with the tropical print. Often, it is associated with tacky wallpaper or Hawaiian shirts, but it has made a strong comeback this year.

With strong art deco vibes, the tropical pattern is bright, joyful and can make any regular pair of high waisted shorts turn into a summery-chic look.

Warmer days ahead!

Summer is approaching fast and it seems like it’s been decades since our legs have seen the sun.

Overall, this season is going to be filled with stunning high waisted short patterns for all preferences and styles, allowing you to pick the one your heart desires!

From old classics to innovative designs, prints will definitely be in style for the warmer days and what screams summer like a pair of brand-new high waisted shorts!